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AFSA is an all volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research that investigates the causes and treatments for fibromyalgia syndrome.

A 501(c)3 Nonprofit Charitable Organization.

LDN Compounding Pharmacies

Working with Local Compounding Pharmacies using LDN Capsules

If your local compounding pharmacy (PCAB accredited) dispenses LDN capsules at a reasonable price, you may want to use them for the first three months. If LDN provides symptom relief, you can switch to a mail-order pharmacy for the long run.

If you want to dose up, rather than start out at 4.5 mg at bedtime, you will need two scripts (you should get them from your doctor in the same visit). Assuming you start at 1.5 mg per day, your physician will need to write the following two scripts that will both need to be filled:

Script #1
1.5 mg capsules of immediate-release naltrexone - quantity 21
Instructions: take one capsule at bedtime for the first week, then take two capsules at bedtime for the second week.

Script #2
4.5 mg capsules of immediate-release naltrexone - quantity 90
Instructions: take one capsule at bedtime

NOTE: If you are really drug-sensitive, you can always ask your physician to change the dosing schedule for Script #1 to two weeks and increase the quantity to 42. Just keep in mind that Script #1 is an added expense to your LDN trial period.

If you want to just give 4.5 mg per day a try, you will only need the second script above. However, you may ask your doctor to write a Script #1, but do not fill it unless you encounter side effects that can’t be managed or don’t diminish with time.

Mail-Order Compounding Pharmacies for Scored LDN Tablets

Care First Specialty Pharmacy in Mount Laurel, NJ provides scored LDN tablets in doses ranging from 0.5 mg to 6 mg. They are approved to ship to all 50 states plus the Virgin Islands, and their prices are excellent at $0.57/tablet. However, Avrio Pharmacy of Scottsdale, AZ offers a unique product: double-scored LDN “Quad” tablets. This means that you can dose up on 4.5 mg tablets and conveniently stay with the same script for the long run. Unfortunately, Avrio is not licensed to ship to 12 states

Care First Specialty Pharmacy
TEL: (844) 822-7379
FAX: (844) 922-7379
Standard Shipping: $3.95
90 scored tablets - any strength 0.5 mg - 4.5 mg $46.95
90 scored tablets - 5 mg $48.95
90 scored tablets - 6 mg $59.95

Anything above 6 mg must be made into capsules - expect to pay closer to $80 Dosing up in 1.5 mg increments requires 3 mg tablets - 135 costs $67.50. Patients on around-the-clock opioids may talk to their doctor about taking the 0.5 mg strength (each half tablet is only 0.25 mg). Care First also makes available “ultra” low dose naltrexone in micro-milligrams (mcg).

Patient registration forms, as well as prescriber forms, are available on their website. Or call to set up your profile for shipping address and payment info.

Avrio Pharmacy
TEL: (480) 270-6700
FAX: (480) 270-6701
Standard Shipping: $8
90 Quad tablets - 4.5 mg (1.125 mg segments) $60.00
90 Quad tablets - 2 mg (0.5 mg segments) $60.00
90 Quad tablets - 6 mg (1.5 mg segments) $75.00

Three months at 4.5 mg/day is recommended before giving up on LDN. Many patients won’t encounter appreciable side effects at this target dose to warrant dosing up. However, if you want the safety-net of being able to drop down in dose for a few days without having to fill a second script, the 4.5 mg quad tablets may be ideal for you. Avrio cannot ship to the following states: AL, AR, IA, LA, MD, MS, NJ, ND, OK, TN, VT, WV.

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