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AFSA is an all volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research that investigates the causes and treatments for fibromyalgia syndrome.

A 501(c)3 Nonprofit Charitable Organization.

The American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association (AFSA)
is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research that accelerates the pace of medical discoveries to improve the quality of life for patients with fibromyalgia.

Make a DonationThrough donations, AFSA supports studies that seek out the causes and treatments for fibromyalgia. This is an extremely painful, fatiguing, and often debilitating medical condition that affects 3 percent of the population. By stepping up research on fibromyalgia, AFSA and its generous contributors are working together to make a substantial difference in the lives of millions.

Grant Application & InstructionsAFSA-funded researchers are currently focused on identifying blood markers for the disease, looking at brain imaging to better understanding what causes fibro fog, and examining genetic alternations of brain chemicals responsible for the pain. A treatment trial testing the effectiveness of low-dose naltrexone is nearly complete. Also, a study to measure the impact of treating the knotted muscles (myofascial trigger points) should be finished by the end of 2011.

Book Validates Fibro Symptoms and Raises Money for AFSA

Tired of trying to defend yourself against ignorance and false perceptions about fibromyalgia? Most patients are.

Breaking Thru The Fibro FogBreaking Thru The Fibro Fog: Scientific Proof That Fibromyalgia Is Real by Kevin P. White, M.D., Ph.D., delivers exactly what the book title says. He rebuttals common misconceptions about fibromyalgia with a dose of logic and examples of well-known medical conditions that do not have a simple blood marker to make the diagnosis a slam-dunk. Throughout the book he comments how fibro should be no different!

“Many a person with fibromyalgia has felt the world that they knew before they became sick, totally blown apart,” writes White. “Shouldn’t that be enough to warrant at least a little bit of compassion and help from the rest of us?”

Get the respect you deserve from your doctors, family, friends, and co-workers. Learn more about White’s book, with the foreword written by I. Jon Russell, M.D., Ph.D., by visiting The retail price of the book is $24.95.

On the above website you will be able to read White’s biography, his introductory chapter that explains why he wrote the book, and the table of contents. In addition, White is generously donating 15 percent of the proceeds to the AFSA to directly fund research on fibromyalgia.

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